Tahrir Filigros Super Silver

R 8,699.00


Tahrir Filigros Super Silver

R 8,699.00

Stunning punched hole silver pendant lights.

These beautiful lights by Zenza are handmade in Egypt. Crafted from solid brass with a silver oxide finish, each piece is unique. The light shines through the punched holes, casting intricate patterns on the walls and ceiling and creating a warm and magical atmosphere.

Small: 30cm (D) X 38cm (H)     R2,850
Large: 40cm (D) X 47cm (H)     R5,199 (sold out)
Super: 50cm (D) X 60cm (H)     R8,699

Slight variations may occur in pattern and shape due to handcrafting.


Ceiling cup and approx 1m chain length(can be shortened) 

Actual Weight (Boxed):

Small:      2.8kg
Large:      3.8kg
Super:      6.7kg

Volumetric Weight (For shipping purposes):

Small:      15kg
Large:      26kg
Super:      63kg


Lamp holder: E27
Power supply: 220v
Max: 60W or low energy equivalent
No. of bulbs: 1

Cleaning and Care:

Due to the materials used on this item, please do not use anything abrasive to clean it. Wipe with a clean soft cloth and some Handy Andy if needed.

The colour of the silver-plating may be subject to change and darken over time, depending on a number of factors including the environment it is used in. This is a natural oxidation process of the silver with the moisture in the air and should not be considered a fault. 

Luna Living recommends treating the product with an "anti-tarnish spray" which forms a clear barrier between the silver-plating and the air and helps prevent premature darkening.